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Garlic RetailerAre you looking to add Raw or Black Garlic to your product offerings?

We can harvest 2 to 3 acres per day to meet your demand and our 40 foot garlic drying plenum can dry up to 130 garlic bins. Once cured, we trim roots, tops and size the garlic with a sizing machine to ensure product consistency. Garlic is stored in 50 pound bags and placed in a reefer, keeping the garlic at the proper long-term temperatures of plus 1-4 and 65RH.

With our black garlic, all cloves are peeled and treated for mold before entering the garlic fermenting machine. We then vacuum-pack the black garlic in resealable packages to obtain optimal storage life.

Before shipping, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure you receive the best garlic possible.

Why Choose Connors?

Retail related Questions

How much can you supply?

As of 2023 Connors Farm will have an output of 100lbs+ of Black Garlic every 30 days.

What size garlic can you provide?

Connors Farm offers 5 sizes, from 1½" inches" to 2½" in ¼" increments.

How much can you harvest?

2 to 3 acres per day.

How much garlic can you dry at one time?

We can dry up to 130 garlic bins.

How do you ensure product consistency?

We use a sizing machine to ensure the size of our garlic is consistent.

How is the black garlic being shipped?

We vacuum-pack the black garlic in resealable packages. This method ensures the longest shelf-life.

Delivery related

Depending on quantity ordered and location, we can arrange delivery within a 500km radius of Woodstock, NB.

Smaller quantities can be mailed, larger orders can be shipped.

Our Mission

Connors Farm is committed to growing high quality, healthy garlic using science and sustainable farming practices.

Our goal is to grow the business in order to supply all of Atlantic Canada's families with healthy, locally grown, quality garlic.

Our garlic is ideal for

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